About Self Defense CWP

Self Defense CWP Training is a result of devoting my adult life in defense of our homeland, the United States of America. Our motto is reflective of this spirit. “Sworn to uphold and defend the United States Constitution against ALL enemies foreign and DOMESTIC”, for over 40 years.

For many years it was my belief that the THREAT to Americans would be from a foreign speaking person from a third world. I realized after many years that Americans and our way of life are being THREATENED by persons who CALL THEMSELVES Americans, but have another agenda supported by their radical political beliefs.

The home invasions, the guns on the streets, the attacks to our family members are UNACCEPTABLE!

If you actually believe that calling 911 will PREVENT any of the above stated actions, you are fooling yourself. Personally, I do not want to ever call 911 when one of my loved ones lay dying or maimed at my feet, and calling 911 is ALL I have left.

In summary, having retired from the active United States Army, and later from the civilian sector, I decided to devote my many years of experience to teaching and arming as many responsible Americans as I can. Please enjoy your visit to my website. I hope you will review the many quotes from our founding Fathers, and some not so famous who have also realized that to arm ourselves is one of the MOST AMERICAN acts we can perform.

I thank you for visiting our website, and I look forward to sharing my experience with you in a future CWP class.

SLED Certified CWP Instructor | NRA Certified Instructor | NRA Certified Range Safety Officer
Utah Concealed Firearms Certified Instructor | Security Consultant Since 1979
NRA Recruiter


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