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 We offer classes each month-both weekdays & Weekends!
Our classes are Conducted in West Columbia SC in a comfortable classroom environment in a  family setting.  We are also contracted to teach at multiple business locations in the Columbia SC area, which provide the classroom and facilities for our classes.  Drinks and snacks are available.


Since you need to fire your handgun and qualify with it, we complete this portion of our class at a National Rifle Association approved outdoor range nearby.  Since SAFETY is the MOST IMPORTANT aspect of our classes we feel the outdoor range is best because one of our instructor team members is ALWAYS observing to assist you for SAFETY reasons.  As you know, at an indoor range, dividers are used between shooters, which PREVENTS the range instructors and Range Safety Officers from observing you properly.  The outdoor range uses the natural settings and your neighbors’ gun noise is quickly dispersed in the atmosphere, as opposed to firing in a small restrictive compartment at an indoor range, where you cannot be observed properly and handgun accidents are common.


We encourage student participation.  Please do not expect a lecture.  Your experience is important to us, and always offers an important aspect to our classes. Safety is ALWAYS paramount, but we have FUN while learning, and sharing experience.


Your total cost for this course is $75.00, ($85.00 weekends) cash, personal check or certified money orders payable to: James D. Jones.

Training includes all range fees, targets, handouts, handouts, and course material, including a Self Defense CWP Training Center Certificate of Training and/or a NRA Certificate of Training.



Course Information: South Carolina CWP Training 

What will you learn in our CWP Pistol Course?

firearm handling and shooting safety.

firearm parts and their operation.

ammunition and its function.

shooting fundamentals and an opportunity to develop them on the range.

how to select, clean and store a firearm.

various activities available to help participants develop their shooting skills.

Additionally,  in the South Carolina Concealed Weapons Permit Training You Will Learn:

South Carolina Law Abiding Citizens Self Defense Act of 1996. (CWP law)
South Carolina Reciprocity agreements with other states. (Other states who honor your S.C. CWP)

Federal, State and Local laws about where you can and cannot carry.
South Carolina Concealed Weapons Permit holder’s responsibilities.

South Carolina Case Law regarding when and when NOT to use your pistol for Self Defense of yourself, your family, friends and/or others.

How to legally carry your pistol when at home, in your car or motorcycle when traveling, shopping or at your own business or personal property.

Understanding the South Carolina “Protection of Persons and Property Act”, also known as the Castle Doctrine.

Alternatives to use of force, avoiding confrontation.

Basic proactive physical security applications that you can apply on a daily basis to protect yourself and family.


“When EXPERIENCE counts….you can COUNT on us!”


SC CWP Certficate

A deposit of $50.00 and a completed online registration, or a mail in Self Defense CWP registration form (located under the “register” link) will reserve a seat for you. Fees are not refundable, however if you must cancel, I will train you in another class at your convenience over the next year.

Please download the class information sheet before registering!

Place cursor over scheduled BLUE class dates for a brief class description.

For more complete information concerning this class, simply “click” the cursor.

Simply hovering your cursor over or clicking on a BLUE date does NOT register you for class.

Once you have selected a class date that you would like to attend, please go to the “register” page, read the Class Information Sheet link, then complete your online registration and make a payment or deposit to reserve your seat in class.

I hope to see you in a class SOON…..”When EXPERIENCE counts….you can COUNT on us!"