Military/LEO Exemption

This information is EXCLUSIVELY for Active/Former Armed Forces and/or LEO persons who wish to apply for a South Carolina Concealed Weapons Permit.

All others please go back to the Register Page and read the Class Information Sheet.

First of all if you are currently on ACTIVE DUTY as a member of the Active Armed Forces, or a current member of the United States Armed Forces Reserve or the National Guard you may apply directly to South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED). You are EXEMPT from formal training when applying for your South Carolina Concealed Weapons Permit. SLED website is :

HOWEVER……WE STRONGLY ENCOURAGE ALL persons to attend the short 3 hour Concealed Weapons training class discussed below for former members of the Armed Forces or former LEO. During this 3 hour CWP training class we will review the SAFE OPERATION and USE of firearms, as well as:
• Statutory and case law regarding deadly force
• SC laws governing firearms and concealed weapons permits
• Proper firearms storage practices that deny access to children
• Prohibited carry locations
• Liability and responsibility issues relating to firearms
• Proper interaction with Law Enforcement Officers
• The four cardinal rules of firearm safety
• Proper concealment techniques and drawing from concealment
• Self Defense CWP Training Center will handle all the paperwork and complete your fingerprints in class, as well as deliver your completed application packet to SLED headquarters for immediate processing.

If you are a former member of the United States Armed Forces, former member of the United States Armed Forces Reserve, a former member of the National Guard or a former law enforcement officer and would like to apply to the State of South Carolina to obtain your Concealed Weapons Permit, you may elect to use your previous training as stated below. Your previous training in firearms will allow you to be exempt from the actual firing of the handgun in the presence of the Instructor. However, you must come to class and take the Statutory Case Law.

Self Defense CWP Training Center will conduct the Military/LEO Exemption classes concurrently with our regularly scheduled South Carolina CWP/NRA Basic Pistol Class for persons who wish to apply for a CWP using their previous handgun training.

ALL regularly scheduled class dates can be found on our calendar on the right side of this page. Once you have selected a class date that you would like to attend please follow the instructions under the class calendar on this page for the Military/LEO Exemptions. PLEASE indicate on the Self Defense CWP Online Registration Form that you are attending as a former MIL/LEO and will only attend from 12 noon until about 3pm. You will be released and your required training will be completed about 3pm. All ACTIVE DUTY former service members MUST bring a current copy of PCS orders to class with you. FORMER service members MUST bring a certified copy of their DD 214 form to class with you. FORMER Law Enforcement Officers MUST bring a certified copy of your completion of the Criminal Justice Academy which included firearms training.

You will NOT be required to qualify with your personal firearm so, PLEASE DO NOT bring firearms OR ammunition to the classroom with you! The cost for this class will be $50.00 for each participant. You must pre-register at this link: Self Defense CWP Online Registration Form.

You are required to make a payment of $50.00 (deposit) to reserve your seat in class. The payment button is located to the right hand side of this page. You may use PayPal or your favorite Credit Card to make the payment at NO CHARGE to you. (This DOES NOT include the required Money Order or Certified Check in the amount of $50.00 everyone (EXCEPT Disabled Veterans) must bring to class with you to be sent to the State of South Carolina/SLED).

If you have selected to come to our classes while on active duty or former MIL/LEO, you must arrive at the Self Defense CWP Training Center not later than 12 noon on the scheduled class day that you have pre-registered to attend. (GROUPS will be handled separately).

Prior to class, please go to this link: SLED CWP Application Form and complete your actual South Carolina Concealed Weapons Permit Application. This link is interactive. You can type all your pertinent data, print the document out and bring to class with you. The Instructor Certification number and training date will be left BLANK. I will complete it after you graduate.

All communications for class date reservations and receipts for payment will be done through e-mails. PLEASE ensure that your return email is working properly. From time to time, you may want to check your SPAM folder as I do. Sometimes an email will be directed there. Of course, please feel free to contact me by telephone as needed. As always, if you are skeptical about putting your personal information online you may want to download the Self Defense Online Registration Form, print it out, complete and return the completed form along with a $50.00 registration fee payable to James D. Jones at PO Box 1002, Swansea, S.C. 29160.

NOTE: If you have a GROUP of persons who fit the Military/LEO Exemptions category, and would like to train everyone together, at the same time, we can train the entire group at one time. If necessary we can set up a special date for your group of 10 or more since we own the Self Defense CWP Training Center.

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I hope to see you in a class SOON…..”When EXPERIENCE counts….you can COUNT on us!"